My Rap For Rejection


Whose soul are you trying to save?
Mine or yours?
Because I’ve done that reverse psychology before
You might say I wrote the book
Or sung the hook
An albums worth of lyrics that
Could be mistook
As a confession from the mind
Of a one of a kind
A diamond, a puzzle bit
You were desperate to find
Or a girl so self-absorbed
She can’t find peace of mind
Trying not to need you much
She can’t get these verses to
End on a similar sound

Standing on top of the board
Doesn’t mean you win the game
Thought you were better than that
And I wasn’t even playing
I don’t think I deserve this
But without you I’m worthless
With no purpose
Except to stare at your number
Before pressing delete
Only after I write it down on my album sleeve
A girl you mistreat
So discreet
You’ve achieved quite a feat
To distract her so much
She can’t stick to the
Tempo and rhythm

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