Play On (Living In Your Lyrics)

I can’t believe what you did to me
last time we were alone
you broke my walls down
You gave love,
I gave up.
I can’t believe how you made me feel
with that John Krasinski smile
with your red wine, and rehearsed lines
and your LPs out

Play on…
Five Leaves Left, All Things Must Pass
What Is Life without a backing track?

I cant believe what you said to me
Last night on the phone
You broke all my dreams
Ripped from the seams
I’m in deep
I cant believe how you’re treating me
Feel like you’re stringing me along
With your playlists and your lyrics
And your favourite songs

Play on

Made of Bricks and Born To Run
Something Nobody ‘Cept You could have done
I’ll never look at you again
If you promise to do the same
We’ll always have a song
And I’ll always sing along
But I’ll never be the same


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