All you need to do Is brush the hair back from my face And tell me “it’s going to be OK” And i know it will be Because I trust in everything you say   I love you more than I should And more than I thought I could

Rapid Fire

Your words are like poison to me and they are making me ill The way you spit them at me Rapid fire With the precision of a sniper Aiming down at me   I deserve all your venom And I have earned all these wounds But the scars are your reminder Of what you’ve put…


My Chaos spilled over your half empty glass and stained your impression of me   All I can do is apologise, for the mess I have made I’ll try to wash away the mark with my tears And mop away your pain whilst I’m down on my knees begging you to forgive my clumsy and…

Wuthering Heights

You can steal my sleep Just like you’ve taken my soul You damned it when you loved me   Tap on the window all night And make me feel you there I know my torturer And I can take pain like a stone   I can turn truths into lies And embrace torment like atonement…

Thank you for the torture

I’m at peace now So thank you for the torture Now I’ve found out How weak I can be And how strong I am And that I will always love you No matter what

The Truth

I never demanded their attention Their company was all I never entertained the idea of succumbing to their law, So now I am misleading For seeking happiness for myself   The truth is I never deceived any of them Most men just fool themselves


You folded it neatly and placed it In your pocket And told me you would read it every day I’d see you take it out and look Then neatly fold the creases And put it away   The ink remained bold on the page My childlike writing scrawled across Full of spelling errors Confusing paragraphs…