The Truth

I never demanded their attention Their company was all I never entertained the idea of succumbing to their law, So now I am misleading For seeking happiness for myself   The truth is I never deceived any of them Most men just fool themselves


You folded it neatly and placed it In your pocket And told me you would read it every day I’d see you take it out and look Then neatly fold the creases And put it away   The ink remained bold on the page My childlike writing scrawled across Full of spelling errors Confusing paragraphs…

Piledriver Waltz pt 2 – View From The Bridge

A view from the bridge The ‘piledriver waltz’ had happened four days ago, but I had not stopped thinking about the Girl. I wondered where she was and if she was with people who cared about her. I wanted to find her and hug her, and just tell her everything was going to be OK….

Piledriver Waltz – Pt 1- Yellow Jacket

Everything I write about in this blog is true. Despite how poetic or descriptive I try to make it, there is not one lie or empty word. In this case the words are mine, but this story really belongs to a young girl I have never met, and missed bumping in to by about five…

‘From The Morning’

I was annoyed with myself for even considering taking the walk downstairs to the canteen. Past all of the faces expecting me to smile and greet them like I was the host of some elaborate but shit party. I wanted to just stay slouched at my desk, behind the two big monitors I had strategically…