Or you were…

I can’t stop smoking haze When you’re not in my life Its the only thing that get me through the night If anything comes from me wrecking it all I just hope you remember how loved you are

My fault or yours?

I’m not even angry that I’ve put myself in this situation again. Hanging on to a father figure, praying he would just love me – and fuck me. I want to feel all the time like I do when I’m around these funny, intelligent and caring men. Because I just cannot get enough of the…


All you need to do Is brush the hair back from my face And tell me “it’s going to be OK” And i know it will be Because I trust in everything you say   I love you more than I should And more than I thought I could

Thank you for the torture

I’m at peace now So thank you for the torture Now I’ve found out How weak I can be And how strong I am And that I will always love you No matter what

The Truth

I never demanded their attention Their company was all I never entertained the idea of succumbing to their law, So now I am misleading For seeking happiness for myself   The truth is I never deceived any of them Most men just fool themselves