My fault or yours?

I’m not even angry that I’ve put myself in this situation again. Hanging on to a father figure, praying he would just love me – and fuck me. I want to feel all the time like I do when I’m around these funny, intelligent and caring men. Because I just cannot get enough of the…


I’m in control of the damage You can’t hurt me as much as I hurt myself When I purposely fall in love with you all Just so I can feel It’s all about me. Who do I think I am? I’m whoever you want me to be, See I’m never myself around you any more…

We both know

Don’t let your ego inflate Thinking everything is about you The words are mine to scrawl across the page The thoughts are mine to keep me up for days The tears are mine, the pain is mine It just so happens you’re always on my mind We both know its all about you

Wuthering Heights

You can steal my sleep Just like you’ve taken my soul You damned it when you loved me   Tap on the window all night And make me feel you there I know my torturer And I can take pain like a stone   I can turn truths into lies And embrace torment like atonement…

Thank you for the torture

I’m at peace now So thank you for the torture Now I’ve found out How weak I can be And how strong I am And that I will always love you No matter what

The Truth

I never demanded their attention Their company was all I never entertained the idea of succumbing to their law, So now I am misleading For seeking happiness for myself   The truth is I never deceived any of them Most men just fool themselves

Piledriver Waltz pt 2 – View From The Bridge

A view from the bridge The ‘piledriver waltz’ had happened four days ago, but I had not stopped thinking about the Girl. I wondered where she was and if she was with people who cared about her. I wanted to find her and hug her, and just tell her everything was going to be OK….

‘From The Morning’

I was annoyed with myself for even considering taking the walk downstairs to the canteen. Past all of the faces expecting me to smile and greet them like I was the host of some elaborate but shit party. I wanted to just stay slouched at my desk, behind the two big monitors I had strategically…

Hide and Seek

The usual process is to sit on the floor and hide my face, a bit like a young child playing hide and seek for the first time, waiting for the grown up to come and find them; but I didn’t want to do that this time. So, I tried to become that child who is…

Arabella and the Moonstone

She projects and intense vulnerability that turns to defiance when provoked, and it didn’t take much. Any multitude of non-events could lead to insubordination you would never expect from something some innocent. Despite this, people found themselves forgiving her not long after. Naivety was a common misconception, but one that she allowed to continue so…